Nintendo seem to be floundering as November console launches could see it become a casualty of war.

Microsoft looks to get the drop on Sony outside the US by releasing the Xbox One a week ahead of the PlayStation 4.

The newest offering from Creative Assembly, a subsidiary of Sega-Sammy, has met with a number of criticisms, mainly centering around the games AI, both at battle and strategic map level, and the load time between turns due to the large amount of factions on the map.

So now that Nokia has bowed out of the smartphone and devices industry, where does the company that's reinvented itself more times than Madonna go from here?

Microsoft has announced that it will purchase Nokia's devices and services division as well as licence a number of patents for $7.2 billion.

Rumour that Microsoft would attempt to get its new console on to the market ahead of the Sony PlayStation 4 is not true.

Shares in social network Facebook have risen above their IPO price for the first time since they were floated over a year ago, bringing the company's market capitalisation briefly to over $100 billion.

The fortunes of GameStop have improved dramatically since the start of the year and now the retailer is preparing for a console war this festive season to further bolster its earnings.

Steve Ballmer's self-esteem must have taken a blow on Friday when shares in Microsoft surged on news he will step down as CEO in the next year.

The Geekdex (GDX12), the 12 stock index we at Geekstockz use to monitor the "Geek Industry", fell heavily on Wednesday morning following the re-election of Barack Obama as US President.

The Walt Disney Company has acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced a new trilogy of "Star Wars" films starting in 2015.

While the internet and tech blogs have been broadly positive of the newly announced iPhone 5, Apple Inc.'s share price underwent a rollercoaster ride before investors gave their stamp of approval towards the close of trading.

After providing special effects for some of the biggest movies in Hollywood an over ambitious expansion plan has forced Digital Domain Media Group Inc. into bankruptcy.

Tech IPO fever continues even as Facebook shares fall below $19 on news that Workday has filed to raise $400 million

Since the publication of second quarter results at the start of the month Zynga has been hit with a slew of departures of top level staff.

While markets fell slightly on Monday there was a flurry of activity in the world of mobile phone stocks.

Apple Inc. became the most valuable company of all-time last Monday following strong sales projections for its next generation iPhone device, surpassing the $621 billion valuation of Microsoft Corporation at the peak of the 1999 tech bubble.

Social network Tagged has raised $15 million in capital financing, indicting investors are still interested in getting hold of stock in growing networks even as Facebook shares continue to fall.

Geeknet Inc., the online network for clothing, feeding, educating and informing the geek community, released its second quarter results for the period ending June 30th 2012 last Friday.

Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, resplendent in a uniform that wouldn't put him out of place on the bridge of Galactica, confirmed earlier today on his Twitter account that embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had been killed along with his wife and two other people.

What do you need to be a superhero? Military training, a cool alter ego, a dark, brooding personality and about $600 million - $1.6 billion.

The price of Bitcoin jumped in the last week to over e7 for the first time on Europe's largest market for trading the digital currency

Shares in Facebook fell sharply after its first earnings call since becoming a publicly floated company on Thursday.
Court proceedings filed by Uniloc against Majong, Square Enix, EA and others are fuelling an online debate on software patents.
The upcoming Olympic Games will act not alone as a test for some of the world's best athletes and sports people but also for one of the internet's biggest social networking sites.
Earlier this month Geek$tocks looked at the first major IPOs since Facebook hit the markets in May. Payday has come for two of those companies while the other has withdrawn its offer.
While space: the final frontier is still out of bounds to us, Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. is a company breaking through underwater frontiers in search of sunken treasure and doomed shipwrecks.
Struggling media and search website Yahoo Inc, once an internet powerhouse which failed to keep pace with its rivals, has gone to one of those rivals to find it third CEO in 6 months.
The average value of the GDX12 fell heavily during May and June, closing out the second quarter at 938.74pts, a drop of 3.7% on the first quarter.
It would seem World of Warcraft, long the standard bearer for online gaming, has been toppled from its position as the most played PC game in the world in data released by Xfire and DFC Intelligence.
OUYA turned to Kickstarter when venture capital firms reacted unfavourably to the project. Within less than a day of launching its appeal on the crowd funding website it had been pledged all of the $950,000 it needed and as news began to spread it reached over $2.5 million by the second day.
Travel information website Kayak is set to become the first major online company to IPO since the tumultuous Facebook offering and are joined by Palo Alto and musical instrument maker Fender.
The Geekdex, or GDX12, is a price-weighted index representing the composite value of one share in twelve different companies whose products and services are of strategic importance to any self-respecting geek, nerd or hardcore gamer.
Since its inception in September 2011 the GDX12 had never fallen below 900 points. In June it spent the first three days below this figure and would fall into the 890 category twice more, recording its worst month ever.

After two years in private ownership fast food chain Burger King has returned to the stock market.